I am Sandeep Tripathy, a product designer. I design interfaces, interactions, and interfaces mostly for digital platforms. While designing, I try to keep in mind a blend of industry trends, art, creativity, and most importantly user needs and requirements.

I am a strong believer in minimalism while designing anything.

The Complete Story

My interest in the tech sector, especially designing digital products is something that started in my childhood. For every single electronic product or software that I used – I would try to understand how it truly worked. I started tinkering around with tech when I was around 11. I taught myself how to animate in 2D using Macromedia Flash, and how to build a webpage using HTML.

An old screenshot of Axetue

It wasn’t long before I launched my first blog called Axetue in 2010 where I started writing about everything that I had learned or would learn in tech mostly related to web design & programming. In the years to come, Axetue became my canvas where I would express everything I would teach myself, mostly in the form of tutorials, insights, and reviews. As of now, Axetue covers everything related to Web3 & blockchain. This led me to build many other web apps and websites in the years to come.

Thoughtpad by Sandeep Tripathy featured at Product Hunt

I designed and launched ThoughtPad in 2016 after I couldn’t find a simple note-taking app that would respect users’ privacy. Subsequently, it got featured on Product Hunt. This was followed by a Chrome extension and other helpful features which once against made it to the featured list on Product Hunt.

Over time, I worked with several influential brands as well as multiple startups, and small businesses trying to design products that could impact in a positive way.

As of now, I am an author, I’ve written a book on NoCode where I have focussed on how users can utilize WordPress to build a website or web app without writing even a single line of code. It’s available on Kindle.

I also have an online course where I teach the basics of building a website using NoCode on SkillShare.

Goes without saying, I am extremely interested in NoCode tools and I plan to cover them in my videos on YouTube. I am also a blockchain enthusiast and I read about and try out any emerging technology in it.

What’s your story? If you wish to share your thoughts, connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn