Designing the official website of Odia Cultural Association London (OCAL)

Odia Cultural Association London is a cultural organization engaged in promoting Odia culture (State of Odisha, India) in London, UK. Primary activities include organizing and celebrating Odia festivals and other Indian festivals in the UK. They cater to Odia diaspora primarily as well as other similar sections of the Indian diaspora. These events are attended by the organization members as well as non-member participants who may be attending temporarily.  


I had a conversation with the chief of the organization who reached out to me, asking to design and create the official website for the organization. Their main priorities were


As per my discussions, it was clear that they the following - 

Further to this, I also did some research by interacting with the existing members so as to gather their ideas and thoughts to keep the result aligned with the mental model of the members. 

I designed a short questionnaire with the questions I had with multiple choice answers and shared it among the members. Basis the answers, the following is what I understood - 


Predominantly Odia Diaspora  & similar Indian diaspora, including present members and non-members.

Age groups: Quite vast, includes people in 20s / 30s as well as 40s / 50s. 

Basis these inputs, I created the following user personas to guide me through the thought process of the audience.

User Flow

Ideation / Solution

After collecting all these inputs, I started ideating as to how this can be achieved in the best possible way. The following was clear in my mind -